Biggest Lessons Learned From Traveling

Lesson learned while traveling

Introduction Traveling, especially long-term, will change your perception of the world.  There will come a time where you’re utterly lost, confused, and have no idea what you’re doing.  You will question why the hell you ever left home in the first place.  Then it will hit you; this is the very reason you came all this way, to challenge yourself. I invited some of my friends to offer their angle on some of the lessons that travel has taught them.…

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Before You Go: Thailand

Introduction  With turquoise beaches, delicious cuisine, ancient temples,  and dramatic vistas, it’s no surprise that Thailand welcomed over 26 million visitors last year. Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles”, and for good reason, most Thai people are usually…

Europe Musings

The Fascinating Story of Berlin

If I asked you to name the first German person you can think of, who would it be? Of course it would be Hitler, and I find that extremely disappointing, not only for Germans, but for all of us.  Germans,…


How Tiny Holland Ruled The World

(Note: The majority of the information, especially the numbers I give, come from a book I once read called “Day of Empire” by Amy Chua.  The book is truly fascinating and if you are at all interested in history, I…

Europe Quotes

12 French Quotes That I Love

Everybody loves a good quote.  I decided to look around and find some quotes in French that I really like, and since everyone can’t read French – I added the English translations :D. Also see my favourite Rumi quotes or French Stereotypes:…