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5 Essential Phrases To Know In 27 Languages

Anyone who has travelled to a foreign country where they don’t speak the language know’s that it can be a very frustrating experience.  For me, it is all part of the adventure.  Though sometimes playing charades is the last thing you want to do after a long day of exploring a new city. I’ve reached out to a lot of friends, and asked them to translate the five most critical phrases that you would need to know to visit their…

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The Best Airbnb’s In Paris

The first time you travel to Paris, you will likely have an incredible amount of questions racing through your head.  What will we see?  How much will it cost? For many people, Paris is literally a once-in-lifetime trip, you want…


Biggest Lessons Learned From Traveling

Introduction Traveling, especially long-term, will change your perception of the world.  There will come a time where you’re utterly lost, confused, and have no idea what you’re doing.  You will question why the hell you ever left home in the…


Before You Go: Thailand

Introduction  With turquoise beaches, delicious cuisine, ancient temples,  and dramatic vistas, it’s no surprise that Thailand welcomed over 26 million visitors last year. Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles”, and for good reason, most Thai people are usually…